Keeping fit in Saint Tropez Fitness Freedom Gear


The French Riviera is known for its glamour and beauty. It includes famously glamorous beach resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes, and the independent microstate of Monaco.

Saint Tropez has some amazing outdoor space which is perfect for exercising outdoors! The trails of Sentier du Littoral are perfect for a coastal walk if you are looking for some light exercise, or why not try kiteboarding lessons at Pampellonne Beach, the perfect workout for your core! The beautiful beaches in Saint Tropez are ideal for a bodyweight or HIIT workout, especially if you bring your exercise equipment with you. Here's our ambassador Simone showing us that the Fitness Freedom Gear travel fitness pack is ideal for a workout anytime, anywhere!


Saint Tropez travel essentials:

We have created the ultimate pack to accompany you on your trip to Saint Tropez. 

Purchase your Fitness Freedom Gear fitness travel kit today and redefine your freedom!


Keeping fit in France - travel essentials for fitness


Testimonial from Simone: 

I am fortunate enough to travel to destinations around Saint Tropez quite often while I am working on board a luxury yacht. This might sound glamorous, and pretty much is! But the fact that I am always out at sea and never have access to a gym, makes it hard to keep up with my fitness regime. 

I got into a routine of learning how to rely on my own body strength to get me the results I would like. It was after staying in Monaco for 3 months, where I met up with a professional fitness coach, Morgan Biancone. Morgan is well known for his concept of body-mind training and has featured in VOGUE France and Brazil and is also associated with training some Victoria Secret Angels.  

Morgan taught me the beauty of working out with the help of your environment! We would travel all over Monaco from the port overlooking the luxury yachts or up to Parc de la Colline du Chateau.


Fitness Freedom Gear comes in handy perfectly for the lifestyle of the traveler! It has everything inside that I need to get a maximum workout done with limited equipment and limited space. Weighing in at only 2.5kg, it’s easy to carry around and store in my luggage as well as my cabin, which as you can already figure, has very limited space! Inside you’ll find yourself a skipping rope, which is my favorite fitness equipment of all time. Did you know that skipping 10-minute daily is as efficient as a 30-minute daily program of jogging? Skipping can burn anything from 720 calories to 1000 depending on your bodyweight and intensity.

You also find inside of your FFG kit, resistance bands, push up bars, a TRX trainer and a workout mat. This comes in handy when you have very little space and no access to a gym. Push past your comfort zone to try new things and push your body even further!

Quit cheating yourself out of fitness by telling yourself that you can’t get to the gym, or life is too busy. Join the movement of redefining freedom and get you Fitness Freedom Gear today!


Fitness Freedom Gear
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