Keeping Fit in Bermuda


Bermuda Overview

Bermuda, a beautiful island in the North Atlantic Ocean, is known for its pink-sand beaches, assortment of hidden coves and modern leisure attractions. The 24-mile paradise has friendly locals, delicious food and a range of activities for both the fit traveller and the tropical relaxer. Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital, is also home to long colourful streets of shops and restaurants. If you are looking to keep fit in Bermuda we have put together a guide for you to stay on track:

How to Keep Fit in Bermuda

Keeping fit in Bermuda doesn’t have to be a chore or distraction from any of your planned activities and sightseeing. You can either incorporate physical activity into your daily excursions by opting for activities which involve some level of physical exertion such as diving, snorkelling, walking or cycling. Alternatively why not set yourself an hour each morning, or each evening as the sun goes down, to do a bodyweight workout on the beach. There are some beautiful beaches to exercise on if you are concerned about keeping fit in Bermuda, and we even have a portable gym you can take there with our brand new Fitness Freedom Travel Packs!  

Best Beaches in Bermuda

Working out on the beach has never been so breathtaking than this! The beaches in Bermuda are perfect for a bodyweight session or a quick cardio HIIT workout, using the sand as extra resistance under foot. Here are out top 5 beaches in Bermuda to workout on:

1) Horseshoe Bay Beach - Ranked one of the top beaches in the world, a must for any Bermuda holiday trip!

2) Tobacco Bay Beach - This beach isn’t pink-sanded but is perfect for snorkelling and marine life.

3) Elbow Beach - A curved beach that resembles an elbow.

4) Jobson’s Cove - A small secluded cove which is accessible from Warwick Long Bay Beach along the trail.

5) Clearwater Beach - Most ideal for families and great for a picnic!


Diving in Bermuda

Great diving spots come from crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches - both of which Bermuda isn’t short of! An inexpensive way to keep fit in Bermuda as well as discover some underwater wonders, diving ticks all of the boxes for every fit traveller. Church Bay Beach is recommended for snorkelling due to the fantastic visibility and spots which are close to the bay. There are a huge variety of coloured tropical fish as well as other marine life which you can feast your eyes on, whilst getting a full body workout!  


Keeping Fit In Bermuda Beach

Walking in Bermuda

If you are looking to keep fit in Bermuda but without anything too strenuous, why not see the sights of Bermuda on foot? The Bermuda Railway Trail is a great way to explore the island. The 18 mile trail follows the stunning Bermuda coastline and offers 7 sections which you can walk, hike or cycle.

If you fancy more of a challenge and think you have 185 steps worth of energy in you, take it high and see Bermuda from the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. A bit of a calorie-burn later and you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful island views from this high point.

Staying Healthy in Bermuda

Did you know there are no fast food or franchise chains allowed in Bermuda, apart from one KFC in Hamilton City? Traditional dishes of Bermuda include codfish and potatoes, pawpaw casserole and fish chowder. Fresh fish can be a very healthy dinner choice, depending on what it is served with. When it comes to dessert, if you are trying to stay relatively healthy in Bermuda it’s probably best to avoid the tempting rum cake and opt for the fresh fruit. Bananas are a popular fruit in Bermuda, however, beware that they are often served coated in rum and brown sugar!

Bermuda Travel Essentials

The perfect accessory for your holiday workouts! We have created the ultimate pack to accompany you on your trip to Bermuda, whether you prefer working out on the beach or from your hotel room. Attach the TRX suspension trainer to a palm tree or the hotel room door and work your upper body, lower body and core with the variety of exercises that you can do with our TRX suspension trainer. Follow this with some banded exercises with our resistance band, skipping to improve your cardio and coordination and some elevated press ups to hit the chest and core!


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Guest Post from Ambassador Lyndon Brookes - A Testimonial on Keeping Fit in Bermuda

Keeping fit in Bermuda is easy - head over to horseshoe bay, the most famous pink sand beach with luscious turquoise’s waters and get yourself a beach workout in. Do some HIIT training with a variation of push-ups with short rest times and then dive into the cold waters to cool off in between sets. Then why not head over to the Rum Bum beach bar for some cool drinks to refresh yourself in the heat and some protein-rich chicken wings!

Swim! Bermuda is literally a beach island and there are so many different beaches you can swim at. Rent a scooter to get around and go to Jobson’ cove, this tiny stretch of pink sand sits between long arms of steep, jagged rock cliff that almost completely encircle the cove, creating an idyllic lagoon of calm, turquoise water. Swim in and around the rocks and back out to the open water to then find yourself swimming to another tiny little beach - it’s quite secluded and skips all the main crowds from the bigger beaches. If you’re feeling brave try climbing up the rocks and do some rock jumping into the sea!

Walk, jog and pump up. Head on over to The Bermuda Arboretum - a spacious 22-acre expanse of wildflower meadows and forests, with walking trails that feature 20 exercise stations along the path. With its wide-open spaces and rich variety of natural habitats, the park attracts walkers, runners, picnickers and fitness enthusiasts where you can take it as slow or as fast as you like. Here you can get yourself a really good workout in the beautiful outdoors or just take in some of the jungle like scenery as you walk or jog your way through.

Find out more about how Lyndon keeps fit whilst travelling on his page here!



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