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My name is Rafael and I am the founder of Fitness Freedom.

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 The Story behind the idea

I first came up with the idea of a "portable" gym while backpacking around Australia and Asia. I wanted to keep fit while travelling but found it hard to stay motivated doing just push-ups and running. Especially on those days where the weather is awful and you don’t fancy leaving your room. To make things harder, one off gym passes are expensive and not always easy to find, especially in small villages in the Philippines or Indonesia. I considered buying a suspension trainer, along with a couple of other bits to use while travelling but found them to be expensive when ordering individually and wasn’t sure if they were right for taking on the road, which led to me not actually making the purchase. I really wanted to be sure that what I bought would be right for travelling.

It was because of this that I decided to put together a fitness travel pack. A simple yet effective pack that includes everything needed to stay fit without the need of going to the gym. Something for the fit traveller like myself. Something light and easy to fit in your luggage, without compromising on the equipment needed.

The Work

After weeks of research and customer feedback, I finally developed “The Classic” Fitness Travel Pack, which contains the 5 key items you need to keep fit anytime, anywhere. Once I had these nailed, we designed a small stylish duffel bag to carry them. Size and weight is key! Our pack weighs under 3kg and will easily fit into your hand or hold luggage for your next trip! Don't forget to also take it on your next outdoor workout.

The Plunge

We had our first fitness travel pack made and pitched it to other entrepreneurs and experts in the fitness and travel industry. After receiving rave reviews and a clear demand for our design and idea, we took the plunge and launched the business. 

The Result

With this pack you will never need to worry about finding a gym, nor will you have the hassle of thinking about what equipment you need to get for your next trip. It includes everything you need!

We are looking forward to becoming your ultimate travel companion!


Taking your pack somewhere exciting? Please tag us on your next holiday while using your pack and be featured on our Instagram page!  We are looking forward to the journey that lies ahead!

As we like to say at Fitness Freedom -

No gym? No problem!
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