Top Tips For Staying In Shape On Holiday

Top Tips For Staying In Shape On Holiday

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Top Tips For Staying In Shape On Holiday

We know how hard it can be to maintain your fitness levels while you are on holiday! This is even more difficult when you are backpacking for an extended period of time. One bad meal can easily turn into a month long binge... With this in mind we have compiled some top tips for staying in shape on your summer holiday this year!

1. Eat real food. Of course if you are heading to the Amalfi Coast this summer you are going to be eating some pasta (and pizza.. among many other carbs) and this is completely understandable. But try and stick to your 3 main meals a day and avoid snacking on junk foods in between. Stick to fruits and nuts which will provide your body with good fats and nutrition and avoid processed foods at all costs.

2. Make wise alcohol choices. Having a glass of wine with dinner, a cocktail by the pool or even a beer in the airport (sometimes with breakfast) is often a solid part of the holiday. But remember that not all alcohols are created equal! One glass of wine has around 160 calories and a pint of beer around 180 cals! While a shot of vodka only has 55... So go for the vodka and be aware of your mixers avoiding sugary drinks, instead opting for fresh cranberry juice or fresh lime and soda.

3. Be active and enjoy what your destination has to offer! You don't have to go to the gym while you are away, your destination probably has some amazing activities that won't even feel like exercise!
Heading to Spain? - Try a salsa class
Going to Thailand? - Try Muay Thai
Heading to Portugal? - Go for a surfing lesson

And don't forget that you can always take your Fitness Freedom travel pack away with you (even in your hand luggage at 2.5kg) and throw in a 15 minute outdoor HIIT workout before your breakfast! This will kick start your metabolism and leave you feeling energised for the day.

Get your pack here.

15 minute full body HIIT session that can be done anywhere with your fitness travel pack 🔥

1. Alt rows to bicep curls

2. Deep push ups

3. Resistance band front raises

4. Double unders (skipping rope)

5. Plank knee ups

6. Flutter kicks


40 seconds on and 20 seconds rest done as a circuit

1 minute rest at the end of each round - 2 rounds! 💪👊💯


See the whole set performed by Matty Fox below!

Fitness Freedom Gear
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