The benefits of staying fit while on holiday

The benefits of staying fit while on holiday


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Going on holiday doesn’t mean you must completely drop your exercise routine and binge on Bloody Mary’s every morning with breakfast! Nor does it mean spending hours working out and missing valuable relaxing time… We believe it’s important to find a healthy balance between resting and enjoying a nice break by the pool, while also maintaining a small fitness regime to keep the blood flowing and avoid that ‘first-day-back’ terror after a great holiday!

It’s a well-known fact that exercise gives us a mental buzz – the famous ‘runner’s high’ – that comes from the release of feel-good endorphins, when you exercise.

And on holiday, don’t we all want to feel great?  Especially if you’re used to doing exercise back at home – be that going to the gym, walking, cycling, etc; it’s not long before you miss that post workout buzz.

Staying active also helps you continue to feel good about yourself! “You won’t feel as guilty having that cheesecake for dessert if you know you put in the work earlier that morning!” That’s why we believe doing a small 30min workout every other morning will ensure you start your day in the most positive, holiday-ready way!

Fitness Freedom travel pack


Our Top Tips for keeping fit on your next holiday!

We are big believers in giving the gym a rest while on holiday. It can be costly for 1 off sessions and a mental break from the usual fitness machines will allow you to disconnect from your normal routine.

So why not make the most of that beach or poolside and put together a short circuit of 4 rounds or 30 min. All you need is some simple exercise equipment! This will be enough to burn some calories and stay in shape, whilst not feeling like it’s taking over the day or holiday!

Swimming is another great way to stay active and enjoy the holiday vibes. Trial a sunrise swim in the ocean to refresh the body and mind!

If you are looking for a higher intensity workout, then a classic run is not only a great way to work up a sweat but will also let you explore your new surroundings while keeping fit.

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Make the most of your next trip with our lightweight fitness travel pack. An all-in-one fitness solution for the fit traveller! Attach the suspension trainer to a palm tree or hotel door and work your upper body, lower body and core with a variety of exercises. Follow this with some banded exercises with our resistance band, skipping to improve your cardio and elevated press ups to enhance the chest! Finish with some ab work on our travel sized exercise mat.

 Fitness Freedom Travel Pack

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