Some Inspirational Fitness Quotes To Give You That Extra Motivation!

Fitness Inspiration quotes


So here we are, just another Tuesday on the run up to Christmas.. I don’t know about you, but I really struggle with fitness motivation on a Tuesday!

We all dread Monday, but it is a plunge that you know you are going to have to take, a plunge into the week ahead. Monday’s are filled with anticipation, goals that can be achieved and above all they are a clean slate after eating, drinking and being merry the previous weekend.

But there is something about Tuesdays that just seem a little longer, that bit tougher! Maybe it’s because it is not quite the half way point that Wednesday brings? Whatever it is, my motivation is long gone after finishing work to hit the gym - or worse - go for a RUN?! 

So in order to combat the Tuesday blues I have curated a board of inspirational fitness quotes. I hope that they get you riled up and in the fitness mood as much as they have done for me! - We can conquer this Tuesday together!

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