3 Must-Haves For Any Business Trip Abroad

3 Must-Haves For Any Business Trip Abroad

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It’s always an exciting prospect, the chance to explore your world of work from outside the confines of your office. A change in your morning commute from the stuffy, miserable London Underground to the enchanting banks of the river Seine in Paris or the bustling and vibrant Las Ramblas in Barcelona… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’re here to do business and business only. We can’t allow ourselves to get distracted by tourist leisures and beautiful sights; we’re here to work and there’s simply no time for anything outside of this.


We’ve been granted the sweet privilege of exploration and intrigue to compliment our daily duties, why should we not capitalise on this? Of course, our primary cause of the trip is to work, however, who’s to say we are anything other than joyous holiday-makers outside of office hours? 

So how do we make the most of our ‘me-time’ on a business trip? To start off with, we need to think ahead, to plan what to bring with us to truly guarantee as enjoyable an experience as possible. Here are our three personal, favourite items to bring with you to ensure you get a holiday out of you business trip;


1) Scrapbook - Whether your business ventures take you to all four corners of the globe, or you make repeat visits to one destination in particular, a scrapbook is a fantastic way to document all of the life and atmosphere you see during your stay. A motive, a certain encouragement to take to the streets and document as many experiences as possible, filling the pages to take back and show friends and family or simply review at your own leisure. Taking a scrapbook is a surefire way to make those memories more memorable. 


2) Novel - When cooped up in front of a computer all day, both your mind and your mind will thank you for taking a break from screens for a while. It can be hard to find the time to absorb yourself into a book alongside the distractions of life back at home. This is why many enjoy a nice ‘holiday book’ while abroad. Plant yourself in a quiet, public spot to read, surrounded by the gentle sounds and aromas of foreign culture. A book will help you find escapism from a hectic schedule and transport you to a world of wonder and fantasy.


3) Gym bag - Naturally, our need to keep in shape doesn’t cease, even when we’re abroad. When travelling, we often abide by limited budgets, hence using a foreign gym is typically out of the question for most people. By bringing equipment with you, you find yourself the luxury of exercising in your own time, in your own space and to your own financial capacity. It gives you the freedom to maintain your fitness and continue a healthy routine wherever in the world you are.


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Business trips are such exciting opportunities to better broaden your understandings of the world, explore new cultures and workout in new and exciting locations. 


The Fitness Freedom Gear travel pack is a must-have for any fit business traveller! Purchase yours today! 


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