How to Overcome Jet Leg - Tips For Every Busy Business Traveller

How to Overcome Jet Leg - Tips For Every Busy Business Traveller

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Jet lag is when your normal sleep pattern is disturbed after a long flight and a change in time zone. Symptoms usually improve within a few days as your body adjusts to the new time zone, however, are there any ways in which you can help overcome jet lag? 


We've put together our top tips for overcoming jet lag by using exercise!

When you're in the midst of jet lag you'll likely to be feeling lethargic, however, if you can find some energy then exercise may actually help reset your body clock while reducing the symptoms of jet lag. Studies have shown that exercise can help re-synchronize your body, especially outdoor workouts. If you are traveling for work and have a busy schedule with meetings and conferences, then why not consider taking some portable exercise equipment with you to guarantee that you'll have time to fit a workout in, even if it's in your hotel room for a small amount of time. 


Exercising Before Your Flight:

If you are feeling stressed or anxious before your work trip then try doing a workout before your flight to release some endorphins and burn some calories. If you have an early flight then taking a walk around the airport will work for some low intensity exercise, however a higher intensity workout would be ideal in order to challenge your body.  


Fitness Freedom Gear Blog Jet Lag


Exercising During Your Flight:

Try to keep the blood flowing where possible, even though you have very minimal space. It's recommended that you take intermittent walks on the plane, especially if it's a very long flight, but even on a short haul flight you can still stretch your legs. Set a timer to remind you to get up and move, or even some wearable technology will remind you without the need to set an alarm. If you aren't able to get up and walk around, try performing some isometric exercises. Squeeze your glutes, contract your abs or do leg extensions if you have the leg room - anything that will keep your circulation strong and create even a small amount of movement is better than doing nothing at all for the whole flight.


After Your Flight:

When you arrive at your accommodation, find out what facilities are available in terms of exercise and fitness. No gym on site? No problem! All you need is your bodyweight and enough space to perform some basic full body movements. A simple circuit of high-intensity cardio and bodyweight strength moves repeated will be sufficient to increase your heart rate and reap the benefits.   


Easy Workout for Fighting Jet Lag:

Purchase a Fitness Freedom Gear fitness travel pack prior to your business trip and plan your workout schedule. Keeping fit whilst travelling for business has never been easier! Buy your pack here.


Not sure on how to use the Fitness Freedom Gear pack?

Try this workout from our ambassador Daniele in your hotel room:

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