5 Reasons to Book A Wellness Retreat

5 Reasons to Book A Wellness Retreat

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Finding a work-life balance can be a struggle and sometimes it may feel impossible to switch off from your daily routine. It is important to find that balance, however, in order to give your mind and body a rest. You can then return to work feeling motivated and revitalised! Studies show that optimal work performance comes as a result of stress management and that stress can hinder productivity levels. It is important that you regularly relax, unwind and spend some time on yourself. 

We've put together our top 5 reasons for booking a wellness retreat:

1) Promotes mental wellbeing

Stress and anxiety can leave you feeling pretty exhausted.  In small doses, stress can be good for the body as it can cause adrenaline and improve productivity. However, long bouts of stress have the potential to harm the body by affecting mental health and the immune system. It is important to find strategies that work for you in order to regularly de-stress.

2) Aids sleep

It is thought that 50% of people living in the UK suffer from insomnia, which affects more women than men. Studies also show that the majority of adults don't get enough hours sleep each night. By focussing on getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep while you're away you can help your body to get back into a positive sleeping habit.

3) Helps muscle recovery

Spending a substantial amount of time stretching out every muscle is a great idea, especially if you are very active usually with little recovery. This will help promote muscle recovery and repair, so your muscles will come back stronger when new muscle fibres are made in the recovery process. It is also important to maintain a good level of mobility throughout your entire body in order to stay supple and avoid injury as you get older. 

4) Detoxes the body   

Detoxes are good for the body if they are done the correct way. When you detoxify your body, you are cleansing the impurities of the blood in the liver. Having a break from processed food and alcohol is always ideal. With the help of exercise and nutritious foods you may find that you have less bloating and water retention and you may also find that you have a lot more energy when you return home. 

5) Digital detox

Challenge yourself to leave your mobile in your room for certain periods of the day, or even perhaps a whole day. Without looking at social media, you can truly connect with yourself for some 'me time', or enjoy quality time with the people around you without any distractions. 

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However, wellness or spa retreats can often be very expensive and not always within budget. Therefore, another option is to create your own wellness retreat!

Why not book an Airbnb in a tranquil location, or a forest lodge, with some friends or your partner and plan some relaxing activities. For example, go for long walks in the woodlands, plan healthy meals, meditate, go for a swim and book a massage or a spa day at a local spa. This could work out as a more affordable option but you can still take that time out that you require. 

You should also incorporate some light exercise, such as yoga and some stretching. Why not pack portable fitness equipment and create your own low impact fitness session. The Fitness Freedom Gear Fitness Travel Pack contains everything you need for a low impact bodyweight workout, as well as a compact mat which you can use for abdominal exercises, Pilates, Yoga or stretching. 

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